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Ian may have run his course. I’m more convinced with each passing day.

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People want to believe gender is something that’s essential, and people repeat these essentialist ideas all the time. “Oh, women do that” and “Oh, men do that” and the reality is that all women don’t anything. We as individuals do what we do, you know, and sometimes that’s informed by gender and sometimes it’s just who we are. And I think all that just makes people really, really uncomfortable because they don’t want to think about who they are. —Laverne Cox (via lucrezialoveshercesare)


i melt when i see you smile

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Teenagers in Brooklyn, summer of 1959.

Love this
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Just a friendly reminder that taking my gifs and cropping off my watermark is a shitty move. I don’t care if you take or repost them, just don’t be a bitch. Leave my credit alone.